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The new, efficient way to be airline-ready.

No need for self-help or second guesses. Leave it to us, the civil aviation experts.


Aviation boom? We've got you covered. At Prepifly, we know what the airlines are looking for. We just make sure you be exactly that.


And because no two persons are alike, your training shouldn't be either. We customise your training roadmaps based on what you need, saving you both time and money.


You only get one shot at that interview. Don't wing it. Prepifly it.

Our Interview Prep courses are lead by the industry's insiders, ensuring you get the very best shot at the interview

So you’ve applied and gotten that interview date. Don’t wing it! A lot of our clients wished they had came to us before dropping out of the selection process. And with our deferred payment system where you only pay the bulk of the fees only after you’re hired, there’s no reason not to Prepifly. 

Customers reviews

"I could only take 2 weeks of leave to get everything done. Thanks to PREPIFLY, I've not only gotten my license, but also a job in the airlines."
Current First Officer
Regional Airline
"I would have missed so many requirements for my FAA license and probably failed my airline selection process if not for PREPIFLY. On top of that, I still managed to save money on my transition." 
Transitioning Pilot
"I didn't have to leap into the unknown or keep my fingers crossed. PREPIFLY arranged everything from my training to the job application, right down to preparing for the airline simulator check. Oh btw, I start my type rating next week. Thanks PREPIFLY!"
Pilot in Line Training
Regional Airline

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We started PREPIFLY to address the numerous gaps that exists when you seek a job in the airlines. We identified many limiting factors that will cause unnecessary delays in your timeline and additional costs to fix.

We put our best practices forward to ensure you get the training you deserve, and be the person the airlines want. 

Anyone! We sit down with every sign up to curate a specialised training roadmap. So even if you have a full time job, we break up your training into bite sized pieces. 

This really depends on your level of experience and how intense you want the training to be. Speak with our friendly representatives and we’ll have a plan for you, no obligations. 

Congratulations! We will take you to the next level and prepare you for the interview and simulator assessment. We even have partnered networks that get you into Airlines in the region. This is a service we provide absolutely free if you’ve signed up with us.