Frequently Asked Questions



We started PREPIFLY to address the numerous gaps that exists when you transition to the airlines. We identified many limiting factors that will cause unnecessary delays in your timeline and additional costs to fix.

In a nutshell, we ensure you have all the requirements met for your CAAS license, AND also be squared away for your airline selection process and simulator assessment.

What are some of the gaps?

~CAAS conversion. Flight schools in the US are not familiar with the requirements set by the CAAS. This has resulted in some candidates flying back to the US to accomplish the additional requirements.

At PREPIFLY, we use a 20 point checklist system to ensure ALL your requirements are met AND clearly and properly documented for acceptance by CAAS. 

~Poor Scheduling. We understand the value of taking days of absence from work. We don’t believe that customers should take leave, pay for a course and still hope and pray that he finishes his training. 

At PREPIFLY, our scheduling systems prevents an overbooked situation and our partner flight school has a contractual agreement to ensure instructor and aircraft availability.

~No simulator guide. Candidates utilise expensive simulator time to prep for the airline simulator assessment.

With our simulator prep guide, spend time OUTSIDE the box to prepare for most of the checks and procedures and cut down your simulator time IN HALF. This means significant costs savings. 

Your packages seem cheaper than if I were to pay for the services individually. Whats the catch?

We have worked closely with partners in the industry to be able to offer these prep packages at very competitive prices. These partnerships have netted some costs savings, and we have directed those savings to you. 

This, together with the assurance of completing your transition in as little time and by the most cost effective way possible, makes PREPIFLY an obvious choice. 

What happens if I don't meet CAAS's requirements?

We hate to break it to you, but if you have an outstanding requirement that is not done, your application will be put on hold until the requirement is done. This means additional time and money. (Imagine flying all the way back to the US to accomplish 1 flight). That is why it is absolutely important that all requirements are not only DONE, but CORRECTLY documented. And PREIPIFLY has got you covered. 

Is CPL IR(MEL) enough for me to join the airlines?​

YES! Airlines in the region only require you to possess a FAA CPL IR(MEL) license which will be converted to a CAAS CPL. You’re all set to fly!

It is a common misconception that you require an ATPL to fly in the airlines. You’ll only need that when you commence your command upgrade to become a captain, and by then, you’ll have all the hours and requirements met.