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Cadet Pilot Interview

Our month long, face-to-face coaching sessions with the industry’s leading hirers will prepare you to ace that selection process. Over the course of 1 month you’ll;

  1. Be familiar with the interview process and what is being assessed in each stage.
  2. Learn powerful insights about yourself and how to carry yourself in the interview.
  3. Be prepared for the technical knowledge as well as the flight operations questions. 
  4. Be groomed to be exactly what the industry is looking for. 

Flight Attendant Interview

With so many interviewees streaming through each year, what possibly could you do to stand out amongst the crowd? Our intensive 2 hour course dives into the best practices to get you that job. 

  1. What to wear and how to carry yourself. Remember, you’ll be representing a company that benchmarks the finest quality of service in the world. 
  2. You’ll be exposed to some of the questions asked but more importantly, understand how and the manner of which you answer those questions as that is what really matters.
  3. Get insider tips on how to get selected in the numerous rounds of the selection process. 

Direct FO/Captain Interview & Sim Assessment

So you’ve got the hours and the experience, yet we still see many candidates struggle to clear this selection process. If you say yes to 2 or more points below, then this prep course is for you

  1. You have no clue what goes on in the selection process
  2. You’ve heard about the online assessments, the board games and the challenges but still unsure what really goes on
  3. You’ve saw some videos online to prepare for the sim assessment but you’re unsure of the profiles you’ll be flying.
  4. You need a way to book a simulator and a qualified line pilot to get some training done.

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What about Airlines outside of Singapore?

Global Network

We have a vast network that can get you connected with Airlines in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Command Upgrade

Our partners specializes in preparing candidates for their command upgrade process.

Actionable Analytics

We've collected data through our partners to get you actionable analytics. Know exactly what airlines are looking for in each hiring cycle